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About EU Ecolabel



Producing in accordance with the requirements of the EU Ecolabel is a substantial commitment and there are costs involved. A basic principle for the EU Ecolabel is that increasing sustainability does bring benefits. The following is an overview of the possible benefits:


An EU Ecolabel certificate can contribute to a sustainable corporate image, such as amongst local residents, the local authority, or other social environments.

Privileged position

There is every possibility that customers will demand products with a label. When concluding contracts with these parties, your business, therefore, has greater certainty of sales. In other words, you can rely on sales according to an agreed price for a longer period of time.

Socially Responsible Purchasing

With an EU Ecolabel certificate, products satisfy the requirements of socially responsible purchasing. Since the introduction of the new Procurement Act, requiring an independent label in the technical specifications of the contract, in the awarding criteria, or as a contract condition has been permitted under certain conditions. Consequently, purchasers can more easily take sustainability into account during the purchasing process.


With more than 83,500 products and services on the EU market, EU Ecolabel is seen as a reliable label.

Reliable, transparent, and inspected

The EU Ecolabel is an ISO type I label and operates in accordance with ISO standard 14024. Reliable environmental labels that satisfy the standard promote more sustainable purchasing behavior. The criteria for the EU Ecolabel are developed at European level on the basis of scientific research and extensive consultation rounds by stakeholders and consultation of the European Union Ecolabelling Board (EUEB). This board is composed of representatives of industry and trade and financial, environmental, and consumer organizations and the national competent bodies – in the Netherlands, the competent body is SMK. The criteria are laid down in the form of a Commission Decision following approval by the European Commission and only with a majority vote in favor by the Member States.

Cost saving

By working in accordance with the EU Ecolabel criteria, businesses often use fewer raw materials and less water and energy, which can deliver considerable cost savings. By keeping track of this for your own production, you can gain insight into the extent to which the cost savings will cover the increased expenses or investments.

Discount on fees

EU Ecolabel grants special discounts to small and medium-sized enterprises, micro-enterprises, and applicants from emerging economies.

Review fees

Interest rate discount on loans

Rabobank grants an interest rate discount on impact loans. EU Ecolabel certificate holders are eligible for the discount. These are commercial loans starting at €250,000, with interest rate discounts of as much as 0.65%.

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